Making Tea

Simple Way

Put tea in a pot bowl or cup and pour over water. Leave for a few minutes and then drink, just blow any leaves out of the way as you drink. This is great for large leaf teas but tricky with small leaf teas.

Cup with leaves

Using Strainers

Tea Pot with infuser

Tea Pot with Infuser

Put the leaves in the infuser that is in the tea pot. Lift the infuser with the leaves it contains out of the pot when ready, depending on how strong a flavour you want. You can reinfuse the leaves. Check the size of the holes compared to the size of the leaves you want to brew.

Tea Strainers

Tea Strainer

Brew the tea in a pot and put a strainer over a cup. When ready pour the tea into the cup, over the strainer. Keep the leaves for reinfusing.

Tea cup strainer

Tea Cup Strainer

You can get all sorts of tea strainers that fit into cups. They are basically vessels with holes in them. You put the tea leaves into a small cage with holes in it. The tea strainer goes into your cup and the tea leaves infuse the water in your mug or cup. Check out the size of the holes compared to the size of leaves you want to brew.

As a starting point so far we have found

2 teaspoons of tea for black teas in 400ml of boiling water.
Brewing for 3 - 5 minutes.

1 teaspoon of green teas in 400ml of water at 80℃.
Brewing time of 3 minutes.

On the whole milk and sugar tend to dampen the flavour of delicate teas but add to the flavour of short leaf teas, but it is a matter of personal taste in the end.